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Who we are

The Flow Festival Team

The concept of Flow Festival was created and developed by Ramas McRae, Irene Holub and Medina Sumovic, who are all deaf and involved in the Arts industry with the deaf and hearing communities. They are well known as artists, teachers and facilitators, and key players in the Deaf community in Victoria.


2021 FLOW team are led by Deaf Arts Leaders who are passionate about Deaf Arts and Deaf Community. With the challenges presented by the current world situation, “ the show must go on!”  With the support of the Deaf community and technology, FLOW Festival will be delivered online.


2021 FLOW team are led by Ramas McRae (Director) and Irene Holub ( Producer) with their amazingly talented team -  Joanna Aguis OAM ( Deaf Aboriginal Arts Coordinator), Sam Martin ( Queer Arts Coordinator/ Technical Support), Riona Twomey Tindal (Communications Support Coordinator), Danni Wright ( Arts Network Advisor) and Melissa Bryson ( Children’s Art Advisor).


FLOW festival delivered a vibrant and unique celebration of Deaf Arts by the Australian Deaf Community from 18th to 21st September 2021 online. What an amazing four days! We have had over 1100 registrations, 5000 viewers, over 70 events, including over 100 performers, presenters, artists and panellists.


Wow!  Thank you for contributing to making FLOW 2021 a successful event and a page in our Deaf History. It has been challenging to feel creative in pandemics and lockdowns, and we thank you for making this happen. 

Deaf Arts, as shown in FLOW, demonstrates that Deaf Arts is not just a painting on the wall. It’s a visual language – shown through the eyes of Deaf artists. Their stories, their experiences and their talents are what makes Deaf Arts.

What’s next? FLOWteam will wrap up for this year and start planning for FLOWfestival 2023 with smaller art events for 2022. The success of our second FLOW festival demonstrates the need for a national platform to showcase our Deaf Arts by bringing everyone together.  

Are you interested in being part of the FLOW team?  Please watch this space or contact us if you are interested.

See you soon at the FLOW Festival Australia!   

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