Frequently Asked Questions

When and what will FLOW Festival look like?

A: 18th for Melb onsite, and capital cities, but all join in together at — time watch live and some watch through screen live session of amazing Deaf performances. 19th to 23rd online and some live zoom events with some pre recorded events.

Where will be it held?

A: 18th Sept, it will be at the Northcote Town Hall where there will be activities and performances on that date. Captialcity in each state will also offer FLOW event at their venue with live and online streaming events.From 19th to 23rd, amazing Deaf talent and art will be shown throughout the week online

Creative Ideas – Does my art project needs to be ready by June?

A: No, you can submit your EOI with your art project idea . We can then confirm how we can support your idea for the FLOW Festival.

Can FLOW help me to film my performance or workshop?

A: If you are successful with your EOI, we can arrange our film crew to film your performance/workshop/art talk.

What are the criteria for video submissions of my art project/workshop/performance?

A: Needs to be professional quality and able to upload and share file to FLOW. For more information re video format, contact Ramas.

Someone said we will get paid if our registration is successful?

A: Selected performances, workshops and presentations, art talks yes, Artworks for sale no.

When will I know if I am successful with my EOI application?

A: We will contact you in July to confirm your application.

Can I sell my artwork?

A: Yes - Your works can be up for sale but we are not responsible for managing sales and we don’t charge commission.

How will my artwork be shown?

A: Online gallery/video workshop presentation and art talk. For example, You can submit a video about yourself and then show a few of your artworks. We can support you to make this happen by filming you and your artworks.

Can I fly down and join Melbourne?

A: Yes you can but you need to think about COVID risks.

COVID - what does that mean for the festival?

A: 18th Sat will have live event but 19th to 23rd is a mix of online and pre recorded to minimise COVID impact.

Will there be one in my city/State and who do I contact so I can attend?

A: There will be events put up closer to date when we finalise the venue and leading people